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Dealing with Player Injuries

Soccer is a contact sport and occasionally injuries do occur. The vast majority of these injuries are very minor and the player fully recovers after a couple of moments rest. 

If the injury is such that in the opinion of the referee the game needs to be stopped, the referee may halt the game. The game shall be restarted with a drop ball. If the game is halted when the ball is in the possession of the keeper, the referee shall drop the ball so that the keeper can pick it up unchallenged to resume play. In some cases, the referee shall signal for the coach to attend to the child. This is a judgment of the referee and shall be based in part upon the age of the player. Coaches may not enter the field until so signaled by the referee. Parents must not enter the field unless called for by the coach and referee.

Injuries Resulting in Bleeding
Players with bleeding injuries are to be removed from play immediately. Once the bleeding stops and all traces of blood are removed from the skin, the player may return to play if the wound is covered and there is no evidence of bleeding through the covering. If the injured player's uniform contains any traces of the blood from the injury, the affected parts of the uniform must be changed or disinfected with Isopropyl Alcohol (rubbing alcohol) or Hydrogen Peroxide. Rubbing alcohol and/or Hydrogen Peroxide may be found in the First Aid Kit located at the playing field. Those attending a bleeding player should use disposable gloves provided in the first aid kit on the field. This is for the protection of both the player and the attendant.

Injuries resulting in serious injury
Do not move the player if there is doubt about severe injury where the player cannot move a limb unless it is clearly safe to do so. Call for emergency medical assistance immediately in case of unconsciousness or immobility stemming from any back or neck injury.

In the case of a suspected broken bone, immobilize the fractured area or call for medical assistance. If a bone has penetrated the skin, do not move the player but call for emergency medical assistance.

Incident Reports
Every injury requiring a doctor’s evaluation – soccer related or not – must be reported to the coach. When a player requires medical attention from an injury during practice or a game, it is the coach's responsibility to complete an Incident Report Form. The form can be obtained online at both the AYSO National website and our website as well.. The form is also available in the field communication box, the First Aid Kit, or from the Safety Director. Incident reports should be filed with the Safety Director as quickly as possible.

Handling Injuries
Coaches must look competent and in control, they must:
⁃ Do not diagnose (prevent, don't treat)
⁃ Do Not Touch
⁃ Seek professional help when necessary
⁃ Child welfare first above game…

Players experiencing heat exhaustion need:
⁃ Fluids in them
⁃ To be placed in shade
⁃ Cooled down quickly…

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